FDI Ambassadors "Odessa 5T"

FDI Ambassadors "Odessa 5T"

FDI Ambassadors "Odessa 5T" (Foreign Direct Investment Ambassador "Odessa 5T") help us to promote Odessa and its investment potential at the international level. They are business representatives and investors who tell us about our achievements and success, seek for us tremendous opportunities and like-minded people around the world, and also attract new investors and resources.

The first honorary FDI Ambassador "Odessa 5T" became Mr. Devraj - the founder of the investment company Forrest Equity Management. Mr. Devraj helps Odessa to find investments around the world, primarily concentrating on Asia.

Ugo Poletti, the head of the strategic partnership and corporate events Clubhouse Odessa, became the second honorary Ambassador of Ukraine "Odessa 5T". Ugo came to us from sunny Italy and helps Odessa to establish partnership with business communities in Milan and other Italian cities.

We are immensely pleased that the association of FDI Ambassadors "Odessa 5T" is growing and we are joined by remarkable people who help realize the investment potential of Odessa in full.

If you want to join the team of our Ambassadors or you know a good candidate for becoming FDI Ambassador Odessa 5T, please write to with the note "FDI Odessa 5T".