Purchase of buildings for kindergartens

Purchase of buildings for kindergartens

Project cost

The cost of building a kindergarten with a capacity of 110 children – EUR 3 million and for the one with a capacity of 3,000 children – EUR 1 billion

Project goal

The main purpose of the project is to reduce the queue in the kindergartens of the city by purchasing buildings by the Odesa City Council through the Prozorro system.

Despite the large number and variety of types of pre-school education facilities in the city, from year to year about 3000 children are queued and not

provided places in pre-school institutions.

The problem is supposed to be solved by:

- expansion of the network of pre-school education facilities by communal property of the Odesa city territorial community, including the purchase and construction of buildings for kindergartens
- the development of private preschool institutions with the help of the City Council as the main customer of such service.

Municipality assistance

City property sharing / tax incentives / land plots / real estate / the preparation of documents / co-investor attracting

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