Bike Taxi

Bike Taxi

Project cost

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Project goal

A bike taxi is a type of public transport also known as velotaxi, bikecab, cycle rickshaw, etc.

It may be used at:

- parks

- embankments

- crowded places

- historical and sightseeing landmarks, places of interest

On weekends Odesa’s downtown is a pedestrian-only area. It is a great opportunity for bike taxi services. Today, these taxis are used in many European cities, such as Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Barcelona. London has the largest number of bike taxis, which are based near the attractions.

Odesa is a city for foreign and domestic tourism, so bike taxis may be used as an entertaining form of transportation for tourists and locals rolling about city centers, nightlife districts, park lands, sports stadia, and tourist-heavy areas.

Financial terms

Direct investments

Expected outcome
- Increasing the number of jobs
- Environmentally friendly mode of transport
- Comfortable new transport for locals and guests of the city

Investor’s interest
- Profit
- Revenue from advertising on bikes
- Profit from tours around the historical landmarks of the city
- High margin up to 80%

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