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170+ shipping companies
Sea Gate Ukraine for ships of 600 ports in the world
3 international transport corridor


No. 1 credit rating among Ukrainian cities


150+ IT companies


Ukraine’s Best city for business, Forbes Ukraine rating 2015
120 000+ businesses


More than 1 500 000 tourists
300+ tourist companies

Airport – Terminals and runways

Airport – Terminals and runways

Cost:upon request
Payback period:upon request
Goals and Description:

Construction of new terminal buildings; Modernization of existing runways; Construction of new runways …

Odessa Expo Center “365”

Odessa Expo Center “365”

Cost:15 million euros
Payback period:5 years
Goals and Description:

Construction of the International Sports and Exhibition Center in Odessa to host sports events, exhibitions and fairs, concerts and other events all…

Speed Tram

Speed Tram

Cost:60-100 million euros
Payback period:10 years
Goals and Description:

installation of modern tramways and creation of high-speed communications between the city center, Kievskiy and Suvorovskiy districts equipped with m…

Functions of the Agency

  • Agency plays a role of moderator between foreign and domestic investors and State authorities
  • It contributes to the promotion of Odessa and Ukraine abroad
  • Informs potential investors about business-attractiveness of our city in any possible ways
  • Helps local business to find new partners and new sales markets of goods and services
  • Legally accompany invest-projects from the beginning to the end