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Одесса примет участие в битве городов за проведение Евровидения 2017


В среду 20.07.2016.  на площади возле театра Музыкальной комедии пройдёт всеукраинский марафон в поддержку Одессы, как города достойного принять “Евровидение 2017”. На нём музыканты, эксперты, медийщики из разных регионов страны будут обсуждать варианты проведения песенного конкурса в следующем году. Напомним, на Евровидение претендуют Киев, Днепр, Львов, Одесса и Херсон. Битва городов пройдет в два этапа. Первый — телемарафон в...

The main speakers of Odessa 5T Summer Business Days are defined


World and domestic business-leaders will take part in Odessa 5T Summer Business Days. There were a lot of successful projects behind them. Among the speakers we are waiting for Brett King, Bastian Godska, Ivan Liptuga, Michael Sokolov and others. One of the key reporters of the conference is Brett King – “guru of the bank prediction”, one of the best specialist in the field of retail banking in the World. He is the author of 3 bestsellers,...

Оdessa adopts Build Stuff – in summer format for the first time


For the first time technical conference will hold a summer meeting on 8th-9th July on the beach in Odessa. Within the conference reports and practical workshops will take place at Open Space zone. Greg Young is the main character, who is actually the founder of the conference, developer with 15-year work experience, author of «CQRS» (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and blogger on CodeBetter talks about new development tendencies,...

MedCruise gathered more than 70 World cruise companies in Odessa


The 48 th General Assembly of cruise ports of Mediterranean and Black Sea, called MedCruise will finish its work on 29 th of June. The meeting gathered directorate representatives of more than 70 companies that set routes for 2/3 of vessels of global cruise fleet. According to specialists’ opinion, a large-scale event in Odessa will give a new start to marine tourism development in Ukraine. The president of MedCruise Christian Pavich noticed...