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Оdessa adopts Build Stuff – in summer format for the first time


For the first time technical conference will hold a summer meeting on 8th-9th July on the beach in Odessa. Within the conference reports and practical workshops will take place at Open Space zone.

Greg Young is the main character, who is actually the founder of the conference, developer with 15-year work experience, author of «CQRS» (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and blogger on CodeBetter talks about new development tendencies, technical project management and software craftsmanship. Speakers are term creators, authors of the books on programming and the best consultants from all over the World.

By the way, in 2015 there was «Black Sea SummIT» established to position Odessa as the center of IT-Industry in East Europe. It gathered more than 600 participants from Ukraine, Europe, Russian Federation, Israel and USA.

16_mainThe World IT-leaders paid their attention on Ukraine not for nothing as far as more than 100 hi-tech companies, including Cisco, Oracle, Rakuten, Samsung operate R&D in Ukraine.

“Ukrainian IT-sector can compete successfully with more developed market in USA, India, Russian Federation and West Europe. Considering the high level of specialists, attractive cost of their services and good location, Ukraine has all the premises for growth. Ukrainian IT-companies have a perfect position to help world business with the introduction of digital technology like XaaS (X as a Service), robotics, automation, mobile technologies and analytics”, John Busher, partner of Information Services Group (ISG) says, who has 34-year work experience in outsourcing-services development. In interview for John Busher said that a lot of companies enrooted Agile-practices (methods of flexible development) that was actually a good sign.

Mr.Busher thinks that companies from West want to cooperate with modern and save locations that’s why it’s important for Ukrainian companies and government to invest in technological parks.

According to the interview, held by DOU, beyond classical universities, the most popular directions are QA, Java, Front-End. Rating of the universities showed that Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is the leader. But still not all IT-professionals agree with this scale.