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The main speakers of Odessa 5T Summer Business Days are defined


World and domestic business-leaders will take part in Odessa 5T Summer Business Days. There were a lot of successful projects behind them. Among the speakers we are waiting for Brett King, Bastian Godska, Ivan Liptuga, Michael Sokolov and others.

Brett King

One of the key reporters of the conference is Brett King – “guru of the bank prediction”, one of the best specialist in the field of retail banking in the World. He is the author of 3 bestsellers, famous futurist and CEO of Movenbank conception. After the publication of book “Bank 2.0” that had become bestseller and had been translated to several languages, Mr. King was recognized as the leading American banker-innovator of 2012. His “Bank 2.0” was the first one in the list of bestsellers in banking and financing of Amason in USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and Japan for more than 1.5 years.

 Бастиан Годска

Bastian Godska is famous as business-angel. He was born in Amsterdam, finished law department in Amsterdam university. He is the founder of consulting agency in the field of digital marketing. Lives and works in Moscow, Kyiv and Amsterdam. Married to the Ukrainian woman. From 2007 began to invest his own savings to interesting start-ups of Ukraine, Russian Federation and West Europe. Today he has 30+ portfolio companies, among them – and Traqli.

Ivan LiptugaIvan Liptuga is the head of Tourism and resorts department of Ministry of economical development and trade in Ukraine. The founder and ex-president of Association called “Tourism in Odessa”, a member of European Business Association – a chairman of branch in Odessa. Vice-president of Plaske, a member of Presidential Council of the World club for people from Odessa.



Michael Sokolov – boss of Odessa branch of “Administration of marine ports in Ukraine” from 2013, candidate of technical sciences. In asset of entity entrusted to him, there are several implementable projects. In particular, container terminal on Karantinnyi pier; building of grain terminal on Androsovskyi pier.

Grain processing perspectives of state enterprise causes interest not only for European countries, but also for USA. Last year port was absolute leader in the attracted investment in specific region.