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The main speakers of Odessa 5T Summer Business Days are defined


World and domestic business-leaders will take part in Odessa 5T Summer Business Days. There were a lot of successful projects behind them. Among the speakers we are waiting for Brett King, Bastian Godska, Ivan Liptuga, Michael Sokolov and others. One of the key reporters of the conference is Brett King – “guru of the bank prediction”, one of the best specialist in the field of retail banking in the World. He is the author of 3 bestsellers, famous futurist and CEO of Movenbank conception. After the publication of book “Bank 2.0” that had become bestseller and had been translated to several languages, Mr. King was recognized as the leading American banker-innovator of 2012. His “Bank 2.0” was the first one in the list of bestsellers in banking and financing of Amason in USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and Japan for more than 1.5 years.   Bastian Godska is famous as business-angel. He was born in Amsterdam, finished law department in Amsterdam university. He is the founder of consulting agency in the field of digital marketing. Lives and works in Moscow, Kyiv and Amsterdam. Married to the Ukrainian woman. From 2007 began to invest his own savings to interesting start-ups of Ukraine, Russian Federation and West Europe. Today he has 30+ portfolio companies, among them – and Traqli. Ivan Liptuga is the head of Tourism and resorts department of Ministry of economical development and trade in Ukraine. The founder and ex-president of Association called “Tourism in Odessa”, a member of European Business Association – a chairman of branch in Odessa. Vice-president of Plaske, a member of Presidential Council of the World club for people from Odessa.     Michael Sokolov – boss of Odessa branch of “Administration of marine ports in Ukraine” from 2013, candidate of technical sciences. In asset of entity entrusted to him, there are several implementable projects. In particular, container terminal on Karantinnyi pier; building of grain terminal on Androsovskyi pier. Grain processing perspectives of state enterprise causes interest not only for European countries, but also for USA. Last year port was absolute leader in the attracted investment in specific region.  

Оdessa adopts Build Stuff – in summer format for the first time


For the first time technical conference will hold a summer meeting on 8th-9th July on the beach in Odessa. Within the conference reports and practical workshops will take place at Open Space zone. Greg Young is the main character, who is actually the founder of the conference, developer with 15-year work experience, author of «CQRS» (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and blogger on CodeBetter talks about new development tendencies, technical project management and software craftsmanship. Speakers are term creators, authors of the books on programming and the best consultants from all over the World. By the way, in 2015 there was «Black Sea SummIT» established to position Odessa as the center of IT-Industry in East Europe. It gathered more than 600 participants from Ukraine, Europe, Russian Federation, Israel and USA. The World IT-leaders paid their attention on Ukraine not for nothing as far as more than 100 hi-tech companies, including Cisco, Oracle, Rakuten, Samsung operate R&D in Ukraine. “Ukrainian IT-sector can compete successfully with more developed market in USA, India, Russian Federation and West Europe. Considering the high level of specialists, attractive cost of their services and good location, Ukraine has all the premises for growth. Ukrainian IT-companies have a perfect position to help world business with the introduction of digital technology like XaaS (X as a Service), robotics, automation, mobile technologies and analytics”, John Busher, partner of Information Services Group (ISG) says, who has 34-year work experience in outsourcing-services development. In interview for John Busher said that a lot of companies enrooted Agile-practices (methods of flexible development) that was actually a good sign. Mr.Busher thinks that companies from West want to cooperate with modern and save locations that’s why it’s important for Ukrainian companies and government to invest in technological parks. According to the interview, held by DOU, beyond classical universities, the most popular directions are QA, Java, Front-End. Rating of the universities showed that Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is the leader. But still not all IT-professionals agree with this scale.

MedCruise gathered more than 70 World cruise companies in Odessa


The 48 th General Assembly of cruise ports of Mediterranean and Black Sea, called MedCruise will finish its work on 29 th of June. The meeting gathered directorate representatives of more than 70 companies that set routes for 2/3 of vessels of global cruise fleet. According to specialists’ opinion, a large-scale event in Odessa will give a new start to marine tourism development in Ukraine. The president of MedCruise Christian Pavich noticed that “the main result is the presence of cruise representatives and mass-media. They look and see themselves that city lives and tourism can be developed here as far as the tourists flow is growing.” The Program of 48 th Assembly that started on June 22 nd , included enclosed plenary sessions, discussions about certain directions, seminars, production of protocol and its adoption. The special feature of the forum is expansion of traditional format through conduct of separate session for honorable presidents of Association of Europe cruise ports. Specialists, who came to Odessa, noticed favorable climate for business and investment and made sure that cruise perspectives in Odessa were completely safe. Mr.Pavich summed up that the situation that was in our region for 2 years (decline of vessel call), “must last for no longer and cruise companies realize it’s not that bad to base their vessels here.” He is quite sure that soon we will conduct a session on Black Sea Region development with the participation of cruise operators and they may get back to Odessa in 2 years. Cruise and touroperators are not the only one who think that Odessa is perspective from point of view of business-investors – on June 15 th this year The Project of Investment In Building of Waste Processing Company was discussed. This project means building of sorting complex on territory near Cement Factory on Hutorskaya str.,70 and building of waste processing factory on territory of ground “Dalnytskiye carriers”. Besides, the project of degassing of the ground supposes building of modular complex that will get to electrical energy receipt. This energy will further be realised to wholesale market of Ukraine by “green tariff”. Ratings To provide potential investors with reliable and full information about credit risk level and investment attraction of Odessa, the city is close to interact with national rating agencies. In 2015 according to “IBI-Rating”, Odessa was pronounced the city with high investment attraction – “invA+”. Also this year “Forbes” pronounced Odessa the best city for business in Ukraine.