To create a luxurious, beautiful, well-groomed Odesa, comfortable and safe city for everyone, in 2016 the investment strategy of the city "Odesa 5T" was adopted.

Investment Strategy of "Odesa 5T"

The five main directions - transport, tourism, trade, technology and trust - are the main business assets of the city, in accordance with which we attract investments and help with the implementation of projects in the urban space.

Investment strategy Odesa 5T was created to promote effective meetings of domestic and foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Tourism, transport, technologies, trade, and trust are five basic directions of perspective and effective investment into one of the main economic center of Ukraine. Odesa combines the greatest marine port, developed industry, resort and recreation complex, transport, financial and social infrastructure. Moreover, Odesa must be the one city in Ukraine that is most of all popular abroad. That makes this city double attractive for business investment.


  • 1

    Create conditions for investment activities

  • 2

    To unite the efforts of all not indifferent people

  • 3

    Ensure availability of resources necessary for the development of the city


For comfort investment attraction, promotion and realization of foreground projects, “Odesa 5T” is created on a one-window basis. Our team develops economic and legal conditions of projects, considering interests of the city and investors, realizes monitoring and control of realization of initiatives that have already started, implements system measures to improve the investment climate in cooperation with the executive authorities and the business community.

In the frameworks of the Investment Strategy “Odesa 5T”

  • Plays a role of moderator between foreign and domestic investors and State authorities
  • It contributes to the promotion of Odesa and Ukraine abroad
  • Informs potential investors about business-attractiveness of our city in any possible ways
  • Helps local business to find new partners and new sales markets for goods and services
  • Legally accompany invest-projects from the beginning to the end