5 tips to get the grant

5 tips to get the grant

Our fundraiser Mrs. Daria Pikalova tells how to get money on the project.

1. First, create a qualitative project, then look for the donor.

Each funding program and competition has its priorities and values. They must be consistent with the goals of the project. Sure, do not exclude the possibility of modifying strategies to work with a specific program and donor. Perhaps, in cooperation, you may get a result you didn’t expect.

Start your project from the mission and problem you want to solve. NOT what you want to get, but what you will give. Work on the idea and then find a donor whose vision is right for you.

2. Attentively study the “Guides”.

This is where most of your project is: technical requirements, eligibility of the applicant, eligible budgets, priorities, directions. Pay close attention to the expected results of the projects indicated by the donors themselves. All of this information donor allows you to make the check-list and to answer the question if this project is interesting for the donor. Does he hit the bull’s eye about the funding goal?

IMPORTANT: pay attention to the budget before making your estimate. Sometimes donor cuts the budget and your project will be simply rejected because of the eligible cost items failure.

3. Reliable partners of the projects – your key resource.

If under the competition terms donor insists on the project implementation in the framework of the partnership, pointing on the quantity (for example, from 2 to 6 partners), don’t act with “the more it is – the better is”. It’s the biggest mistake! Consider the fact that partnership means TRUST, RELIABILITY, QUALITY, PROFESSIONALISM, WILLINGNESS TО THE COMMAND WORK. Grunts must be submitted promptly (1 consolidated report) which means direct dependency and consistency of partners from each other. When you invite the organization to the partnership – think about it.

4. To get the grant – doesn’t mean the happy end. It’s only the beginning.

Never aim to get money. The grant is, first of all, a commitment! This is a clear adherence to the technical requirement of the donor, calendar plan of project implementation, quarterly reports, work with auditors, distribution of obligations, and activities between the partners. You might express yourself as a solid organization, capable of sticking to deadlines and reach the goals. Your reports are an indicator of the project results you have promised to the donor. And remember, your project – is the global mission and the issue which you need to solve when it’s over.

5. Properly selected project team – is the key to the successful implementation.

While creating the project team, you might always have 2 key roles:

- project manager

-financial manager

If you find professionals – it means 80% of your project success. Keep in mind, that reporting is a key responsibility. Reports can become a serious problem if there is no competent financial manager in your team. The role of the communication manager shouldn’t be diminished. This is a communication with all of the partners, as well as project stakeholders. It is important to remember that well-established communication is the right approach to any project and the guarantee of timely completion of work by all project participants.