Odesa 5T Summer Business Day

Odesa 5T Summer Business Day

During 5 years after the release of a successful film, where there are incredible places of different countries, there is a steady increase in tourism. Figures can reach up to 50%, and in some cases even more.

The number of tourists in Dubrovnik each year increases by 10%. How do you think after what? Exactly, after the show "Game of Thrones".

The film industry also becomes a catalyst for patriotic tourism. 40% more American tourists visited Normandy after the film "Rescue of Private Ryan".

Incredible fact is that the number of tourists on the famous "Tongue Trolley" has grown from thousands to hundred thousand tourists a year. This growth led to the release of Disney's cartoon " The Cold Heart" , which reflects the natural beauty of the fjords. Also, tourist photos are added to the demand on the pages of Instagram and Facebook.

Hotels in some settlements near the fjords are always booked at 100%, and the Travel Council of Western Norway reduces its budget for promotional terrain and also develops measures to reduce demand in the tourist season and raise it in less popular months.

Also, such demand creates new products. There are tourist cartoon-based cruises with shows featuring characters.

From recent events, the demand for tourist routes to Chernobyl has risen by at least 40% since the release of the 5-series show "Chernobyl".

Films, like a rocket, can quickly accelerate the development of tourism. And tourism is one of the platforms for growth of investments both internal and external.

In order to understand the Ukrainian film market, its advantages and disadvantages, Odesa 5T Investment Agency, together with the Odessa Tourism Association and the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine, organized the "Odesa 5T Summer Business Day " Film, Tourism and Creative Industry Networking. For the third year in a row, this event takes place within the Odesa International Film Festival. This year we talked about film industry as a catalyst for tourism.

We had a productive networking with representatives of film commissions of cities, producers and production studios. We demonstrated the investment potential of our city in the field of the cinema industry, talked about the development of film commissions, the introduction of Ukraine at major world exhibitions and events,as well as on existing legislative acts and development prospects.

We inspired by our speakers and guests. They are professionals in the field of film market, in creative industries, marketing and tourism. Among the speakers were representatives of the production studio Radioaktive film, the Ministry of Information Policy, the author of the idea of ​​the Art Travel Festival (Kharkiv), co-founder and art director of the studio MAMAI production, general manager of Turkish Airlines in Odesa, executive producer of PSB FILMS, Ukrainian-Israeli production company, representatives of the film commissions of cities and local self-government.

Thanks everyone! You are incredible. And Odessa is open to the great!