Touristic trends 2018 and figures for 2017

Touristic trends 2018 and figures for 2017

April 12-13, the conference "International cooperation and partnership in tourism" was held, organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odessa City Council.Representatives of political and economic forces of Ukraine, speakers from Oslo, London, Rotterdam, Thessaloniki gathered at the conference.

Deputy Mayor Pavel Vugelman, during the opening of the conference, greeted the guests and told about the potential of Odessa, about the dreams and projects the city is working on, in particular about the launch of the first electric bus.

Speaking in the first block of the program, Ukrainian Deputy Anna Romanova shared general facts and figures from the world of tourism.

A few key facts were cited.

The tourism industry generated $ 8, 3 trillion. (10.4% of world GDP) and holds 313 million jobs.

The tourism sector accounts for 1 out of 5 jobs created over the last decade.

The most popular tourist countries in 2016:
France - 82.6 million tourists,
The US - 75.9 million,
Spain - 75.3 million,
China - 59.3 million,
Italy - 52.4 million.

Tourists who spend the biggest amount of money: China, USA, Germany, Great Britain, France.

Based on the indicators, when the tourist product is forming, the main reference point should be directed to Chinese tourists. They become the most frequent travelers and visit several countries for one trip. And the average check of their spending is $ 3000 per person.

Representatives of INFLOT Cruise & Ferry Ukraine shared the figures of cruise tourism in the world:
600 + ports in the world,
25.8 million passengers in 2017,
more than 1 million employees,
more than 500 liners,
+94 new liners until the year 2026.

The main directions of cruise tourism:

35% - Caribbean,
18.3% - the Mediterranean Sea,
11,1% - Europe,
9.2% - Asia,
6.2% - Australia, New Zealand,
4.2% - Alaska,
2.5% - North America.
The Black Sea region is more than 2%.

Trends in tourism development:

Individual tourism.
Medical tourism.
«Dark tourism». In Ukraine - "Chernobyl". (The rate of growth of Chernobyl tourism is the greatest).
Changing the portrait of a tourist. A reference to the generation of millenials.
The economy of impressions.
Short tours with entertainment.

The representative of UIA shared interesting plans for 2018.

The plan is to update the fleet, +10 new aircraft and decommissioning Boeing 737 Classic.
The launch of 36 new areas, including Toronto, Guangzhou, Chicago, Oslo, Bologna and others is planned until 2022.

UIA also conducted a survey among foreign partners about the reasons that hamper the development of tourism. Leaders of opinions:
- Informational background and insufficient promotion of inbound tourism abroad.
- The inadequate attractiveness of domestic tourism product relative to neighboring countries.
- Visa policy.

Globally, the ministries of security recommend refraining from traveling to Ukraine due to the military-political situation. For this reason, cruise liners also stopped coming. While speaking at the conference, representatives of the port of Odessa told that there is a revival of river cruises and in 2018 Odessa expects 17 liners ("Chervona Ruta" Cruise Company - 10 liners, "Viking"-7 liners).

Promotion of the city = business promotion

The second part of the conference was devoted to local and international experience in the promotion of cities. Clear strategy, marketing, product formation, packaging, promotion - these concepts apply not only to business. A tourist before choosing a travel object, wonders - why? Why should he go to this city? And here you need a clear branded city that answers this question. A brand that will show the advantages of a vacation in this city. The city, like a business, needs a clear positioning and its own exciting history.

Deputy Mayor Pavel Vugelman talked about the example of Odessa's promotion in the tourist market, about the tourist and investment brand of the city "Odessa 5T", which is forming the image of the city.

Th experts in promoting cities from Oslo, London, Leipzig, Thessaloniki, Rotterdam were performing on the conference. Everyone shared experience, which helps to increase the number of tourists in their cities.

Local experts from Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, Zakarpattya were performing also. Each of the regions has its own peculiarity, on the basis of which the city is promoted as a tourist brand.

The role of transport in the development of tourism

The second day of the conference proved to be rich and sparked a lively discussion among the participants. The questions were devoted to the role of transport in the development of tourism. Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Viktor Dovgan, Ukrainian Deputy Anna Romanova, representatives of "Ukrzaliznytsia", Lviv International Airport, Ukravtodor, Odessa Port have been performing.

«Odessa 5Т» in 2018

Director of the investment agency "Odessa5T" Alexandra Oleynikova presented the concept of "Odessa 5T" and the main investment projects of the city in the direction of tourism and transport. Enthusiastically, with great dreams, Alexandra talks about the development of our city, although she is from Kiev, but managed to fall in love with our city and bring a lot of new to it. Most importantly, these dreams are backed up by real actions and indicators.

Only for 2016-2017 out of 30 submitted projects within the framework of the strategy "Odessa 5T" today there are 23 in the implementation, among them speed tram, reconstruction of tramways, purchase of new trolley buses, the opening of the Istanbul park, launch of an electronic textbook.

If we talk about plans and work in 2018, then for the next year we collected the main priorities in the development of the city - building up our own workshops for the production and modernization of trams, the project "Safety of city roads", the development of bicycle infrastructure and pedestrian zones, the return of cruise liners to Odessa, the development of medical tourism and the launch of the "Electronic ticket" system. And the main dream is the launch of an electric bus. For this, there are already 2 developed pilot routes, and we are looking forward to the first test drive of the electric bus. Today, these projects are working out by many departments and enterprises of the Odessa City Council, and each of them requires a huge amount of attention, work, enterprise, perseverance and unification of a large number of people around.

Why is domestic tourism weakening?

At an open discussion, representatives of tourism and infrastructure discussed the state and prospects for the development of the railway and automobile communications between cities.

The developed infrastructure, railway communications, the state of covering roads - these factors have the greatest impact on the development of domestic tourism.

How often does our tourist postpone the trip to another city due to the lack of a quality highway "Odessa-Lviv"? Or a day or two before the weekend the tourist decides to go to Zakarpattya for the weekend, and there are no train tickets? Both the state of the railway services and the condition of the motorways often become the reason for the refusal to travel. Ukraine ranked 5th in the road quality rating from the end (based on WEF data for the period 2016-2017, the rating included 136 countries)

These problems lie on the surface and infrastructure representatives are looking for ways out.

In the implementation, there is a project for the construction of a concrete road "Odessa-Mykolaiv-Kherson", a project for the reconstruction of electric transport in the cities of Ukraine, which allocated 400 million euros. Car repair is being carried out, for which 40 billion UAH have been allocated. With a list of routes that are planned to be repaired can be found here.

Passenger Transportation. Figures and facts - 10 billion euros of investments in Germany.

In Ukraine, 86% is for passenger car transportation,

10-15% is for rail transportation,

0.33% for air transportation, which is due to the lack of low-coasters

Anna Romanova, the ukrainian Deputy, spoke about the experience of Germany, in which 46% of the traffic falls on rail transport. As a consequence, less wear and tear on highways. Deutsche Bahn - German railways for 2017 invested in the development of roads 10mlrd euro, and the income were 42 billion euros.

As for our railway, the director of the Department of passenger transportation "Ukrzaliznytsia" Alexander Krasnoshtan shared the latest figures.

For 2018, there are 2900 carriages for passenger transportation, the age of the cars is 31 years. If up to 2021 there is no renewal of trains, then 1200 cars will remain in operation, which means that the trains will be 2.5 times less frequent. Also, passenger transportation is unprofitable, 30% of revenues cover all expenses. Passenger transportations live at the expense of cargo transportation.

Despite these figures, in 2015-2016. transportation volumes increased by 10%, in 2016-2017 there was also an increase of 10%. There were 60 new cars entered in operation and 150 were overhauled. Launched reports to Poland, which contributed to a 10-fold increase in the volume of tourism with Poland.

Regarding air services, the structure looks like this:

Kiev - 10 million shipments,
Odessa-1.2 million,
Lviv - 1 million.
Regarding cruise tourism, representative of the port of Odessa Ruslan Sahautdinov spoke about the need of forming an attractive tourist product for foreign cruise operators to return cruise routes to Odessa.

The development of infrastructure and road communications, the formation of tourism products within cities, between cities and neighboring countries, the conclusion of partner relations at the country level are factors in the growth of Ukraine's popularity and development of tourism. Movement in this direction will allow raising internal and external tourism to a new level.

As a result of the conference, it became obvious that Odessa is obliged to make the most of its full potential and remain an important tourist center near the Black Sea. On our part, we are moving towards this goal.