New thermal points in ten Odessa schools

New thermal points in ten Odessa schools

There will be installed new thermal points in ten Odessa schools, which will reduce energy consumption by an average of a quarter and will save budget funds for utility bills.

At the last session of the City Council on June 6, it was made a decision to approve the essential terms of the energy service agreements. There were conducted and completed tender procedures for the purchase of energy services through the system PROZORRO for educational institutions. Each of the ten schools will have an automated individual heat point (ITP) with an online management and monitoring system.

Installation of ITP is carrying out thanks to a new mechanism of ESCO contracts for private investors. The return of private investment is due to a reduction in energy consumption, which is achieved due to the installation of ITPs.The implementation of ESCO contracts in budgetary institutions will reduce energy consumption by an average of 25% and save budget funds for utility bills. The planned savings will be about 966.5 Gcal and 1.3 million UAH annually. The total cost of each contract is from 650 thousand UAH to 1 million UAH.

A private investor takes care of all the financial and technical risks of the project and is interested in maximum savings. Throughout the energy service contract, the investor monitors with his own funds the equipment and its serviceability. After the contract expires, all equipment becomes the property of the community. The contracts are valid for approximately 6 years. According to expert estimates, Ukraine's budget institutions consume 130 to 250 kWh / h of heat energy, when in the EU countries this figure is from 30 to 60 kWh / sq.m.

Yesterday, the city took a step towards reducing this gap. This means that not only energy consumption will be reduced, but also CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. We are waiting for the procedure for holding tenders and making decisions on the next 18 educational institutions, in which it is planned to introduce energy-saving measures using the ESCO mechanism.

List of educational institutions for which tender procedures have been completed and energy-efficient measures for ESCO contracts will be implemented:

Gymnasium No. 5, School No. 80, School No. 12, School No. 71, School No. 67, School No. 48, School No. 14, School No. 25, School №65, Educational Complex

Energy management systems are being implemented by the Odessa Municipal Energy Agency under the USAID project "Municipal Energy Reform in Ukraine".

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