Creating a Priority development zone on the territory of “Filtration Fields”

Creating a Priority development zone on the territory of “Filtration Fields”

Project cost

1 billion UAH — financing for infrastructure The city is in charge for infrastructure development

Project goal

The concept of “Priority Development Zone” on the territory of “Filtration Fields” was adopted at the session of the City Council. The priority development zone is a limited territory with a special status, preferential terms of doing business for national and foreign companies.

“Filtration fields” is the only free territory of the city for the implementation of investment projects, the creation of additional production capacity. The total area of filtration fields is about 1000 hectares.

Pilot project:

- 200 hectares

- 2 hectares for each enterprise

- 100 enterprises

- 30+ employees at each enterprise

- 15–20 thousand $ cost of creating 1 work place (logistics, production)

Business benefits:

- 2 hectares of land for business development

- System of benefits and incentives from the local budget

- Compensation of resource costs of the enterprise

- Compensation of interest rates on loans.

Specialization of PDZ (Priority Development Zone) companies:

- Manufacture of electrical equipment and household appliances

- Agricultural processing. Food production, processing and preservation of fruits, vegetables, etc.

- IT

- Woodworking technologies

- Mechanical engineering, metalworking

- Electronics

- Plastic, waste recycling

- Textile production

- Transport and logistics services

Role of the city
Design and development of the territory, registration of land plots, creation of a management company.
Provides functioning:

- road transport infrastructure
- engineering networks
- soil preparation
The implementation of the project will enhance the development of the port, will have a positive effect on the economic situation of the region, contribute to raising the standard of living and employment growth of the citizens, stimulate business activity and promote greater revenues to the state and local budgets, will help to attract freight flows and transit cargo, create conditions for the manufacturing of goods with increased competitiveness in world markets.

Financial conditions:

local budget / loans of international financial organizations — preparation
of road, engineering infrastructure.
Private investment / PPP — construction of enterprises.
The form of interaction with the investor — investment agreement.

Expected result

5,000+ work places
2–3 billion UAH of investments

Project cost recovery: 9 years
1.3 billion UAH tax revenues to the budget

Investor interest

Making a profit from the activities of the own enterprises.

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