Project cost

13,0 mln EUR. In particular: - 12,0 mln EUR — purchasing of 30 electrobuses; - 1 mln EUR — construction of 4 charging stations.

Project goal

Modernization of urban electric transport. Currently, the trolleybus fleet and trams have been modernized. Urban transport still needs the rolling stock renewal. The project envisages the purchasing and launching of 30 units of electrobuses with related infrastructure. The implementation of this project provides the opportunity to organize the routes of municipal and public electric transport in areas with no related infrastructure (tram tracks, catenaries, traction substations, etc.).

Expected result

For the city:
- Improvement of environmental conditions of the city.
- Using of modern rolling stock with increased capacity and comfort.
- Reducing the use of petroleum products and reducing CO2 emissions.
- Launching of modern European transport to the municipal routes.

Financial conditions for the city:

Credits in case of purchasing of the municipal electrobuses

Financial conditions for the investor:

Investments / PPP

Investor interest

Making a profit from running electrobuses on routes

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