City Sustainability Index and other city researches

City Sustainability Index and other city researches

Project cost

1 research starting from € 8,000

Project goal

CSI is an effective tool of the KPI system for controlling the city and for the analysis of its dynamics and development, it was created on the basis of a statistical analysis, social research and expert estimations.

The main tasks of the project are the establishment of basic indicators, tracking the progress of the development of the city and the population, the form of marketing, social and economic and other important strategies for the city.

Under the SCDI (Sustainable City Development Index) 135 indicators are used, 20 groups are created, which got averaged and show 4 types of the city effectiveness. The average indicators of the efficiency category are to be distinguished and aggregated in the index of the previous data on the development of the city.

New services for the city in the fields of social science, statistics, environmental protection, transportation and vehicle flows as well as tourism, medicine, the social sphere and so on will be launched.

Financial conditions

grants/investments/city budget

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