On October 3rd, 2019 during the IVth International investment forum «Odesa 225T» the catalogue of the most successful Odesa businesses «Made in Odesa» was introduced.
The catalogue was created by the Department of International Relations and Marketing of Odesa City Coucnil together with municipality enterprise «Grant office “Odesa 5T”».

«Made in Odesa»
is an opportunity to promote Odesa business on a higher level among international community and to help export it beyond the city and the country. New financial possibilities and increased profit of city companies directly correspond to the new working places creation and the expansion of export potential in general.

The first edition of «Made in Odesa» has united 93 companies, which represent 123 brands.

The instruments for distribution of «Made in Odesa» catalogue are the following:

– the cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine in the catalogue dissemination among foreign partners;
– promotion of it on the international expo exhibitions;
– catalogue presentation during the meetings of businesses and municipalities.

The criteria that was used to create the catalogue are:

– quality of goods and services produced by a business;
– production capacity;
– exporting potential;
– how much the chosen company strives for constant development;

The global goal of «Made in Odesa»
is to open Odesa talents to the world and to build trust to Odesa’s products and services among local and worldwide buyers.

If you wish to receive a digital copy click on “Download presentation” button.

If you want to appear among in the «Made in Odesa» catalogue, please, leave a message on the following email: