Odesa film office

Odesa film office

Project cost

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Project goal

Odesa film office is an agent to attract filmmaking to Odesa (which is an attractive location), the office is also to assist domestic and foreign companies producing visual and audio content (movie pictures, series, advertising, digital production) on behalf of local authorities. In particular:

– assistance in finding locations for filming;

– agency work with local business;

– creation of a database of local services for the organization of the shooting process;

– approval of filming permits

Expected result

Promotion of Odesa as an attractive cinema-making destination.

Support for young cinematographers, filmmakers, professionals and entrepreneurs, who work in this sphere.

Increase in city budget revenues from taxes (which are paid by film crews and rental services, catering and equipment during the filming process).

Creation of new jobs for service of shooting groups and provision of related services.

Promoting the implementation of socio-economic programs in the field of domestic cinematography.

Attracting investors to finance the production, rental and screening of national films.

Financial conditions

Governmental subsidies/investments

Municipality assistance

registration of documents and permits for shooting

location database and assistance in the search of them search
providing local staff and equipment

possibility of involvement of co-investors

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