Construction of a Parking Lots. Parking Management System

Construction of a Parking Lots. Parking Management System

Project cost

Construction of 1 sq.m of parking space - USD 250

Project goal

Parking lots will provide the city with the required number of parking spaces, taking
into account the pace of city’s development and urban infrastructure. It will also
ensure the socio-economic development of the city.
Favorable conditions will be created to reduce the load on the city’s road network,
which will improve the traffic.

The project of the parking management system envisages:
- A mobile application that helps drivers find a parking space to park their cars safely.
Drivers do not need to spend time looking for free spaces
- Electronic subscriptions and permits
- Electronic payments
- Electronic subscriptions and permits
- Municipal and private parking lots in one system
- Reservation of a parking space
- Integration with any parking equipment

The application finds the nearest parking lot with free spaces, makes a route and
helps make payments using various payment systems.

Expected outcome for the city:

- Improving the sanitary and environmental situation
- Saving the parking space
- Improving the organization of traffic, reducing the load on the road network and on the inner and neighborhood areas
- Zoning, no illegal cash bargaining in parking lots
- Minimization of service personnel in parking lots
- Providing guaranteed parking space at the destination

Financial terms for the city

Financial terms for investors

Investments to construct private parking lots

City’s responsibilities

Allocating spots for the construction of parking lots

Investor’s interest

Profitability that depends on the cost of the space at parking lot

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