Animal support center

Animal support center

Project cost

Upon request

Project goal

The opening of animal support center on 6, Ovidiopolska road will allow citizens of Odesa to solve next issues:

-registration of pets;

-the creation of lost animal search system ;

- the search of future owners for animals in shelters ;

- euthanasia of pets and unclaimed offspring of street animals (wild, aggressive and/or sick ones);

-lost animals reception to return them back to owners;

-veterinary service for animals under social prices (social vet);

-animal cremation.
At the expense of the city budget necessary equipment for cremation of animals is purchased

Also, this project provides for the improvement of the built-up areas for dog walking and training, which operate at the following addresses:

-Mizikevich village (Dajberg residential complex)

-Gorky Park

-6, Greater Fountain Station

- Mountain Chumka

- Captain Kuznetsov str. (Crimean Boulevard)

- Dukivsky Park

Financial conditions

grants/loans/public private partnership

Municipality assistance

Land for construction/development

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