Winery space

Winery space

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Investing in wineries, creating your own copyrighted wines is a promising industry for expanding the investment portfolio.

The culture of creating copyrighted wines, the presence of their own vineyards, wine chateaux contribute to the development and consolidation of personal brand, development of the territory and trade.

Promising options for investing in the wine space:

- Сreating a vineyard from scratch. In 4-5 years the grapes will begin to yield.

- Acquisition of vineyards and wineries on the secondary market for the purpose of their capitalization and further sale or for expansion of production and occupation of a market niche. To capitalize the business, opportunity to find a management company that will carry out operating activities.

- Ordering wines under your own brand. The investor pays the owner of the winery the cost, components and bottling services. The investor is engaged in the sale of products independently or transfers the responsibilities to the management company.

- Investing in the wine trade. Wine material is a liquid commodity that can be sold on wine exchanges through brokers abroad. This direction is also beginning to develop in Ukraine.

- Opening of specialized wine shops.

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